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Creating Funding Sources

Funding source can be NEMT Brokers (examples, ModivCare, MTM, Access2Care, Veyo, Verida, etc.) or can be any company who is paying for the trips (examples, local hospitals, nursing homes, Private pay clients Group locations etc.). Basically, who is paying for the trip. 

To create a Funding source:

  • Go to ADMIN tab, Billing, Funding Sources, Funding Sources and Payee tabs
  • Click ADD NEW. New box opens up. 

  • Once the new pop up box opens up, put in the Name of the Funding Source 

Funding Source Name must be unique and not already used in your system, active or inactive. 

  • Account, phone, fax, email can be filled out if you want to store data on funding source, but are not required by Mediroutes
  • OPTIONs tab is the section for Mediroutes Driver Mobile app setting per funding source. 
  • first setting is how you are charging for PER MILE trip, either by IMPORTED miles from a Broker/imported Trip File, or ROUTED by letting Mediroutes calculate the miles based on BING Maps routing of the addresses on the trip. 
  • Signature section is for PASSENGER SIGNATURE on Pick up event, or DROP OFF event, or both., based on the check mark. By checking, the Driver Mobile app will prompt the driver to get signature before being able to move on.  
  • next set of options are about Driver Signature PER TRIP, so check if you need a DRIVER signature per trip. (not pull out or pull in driver signature option, but per trip) 
  • Odometer is for Odometer per trip.

  • IMPORT tab is for trip import setting for Funding sources that will have a trip import file or API. 
  • Appointment, if you are going to use the Pick up time given to you by the Broker/funding source on a Trip import FILE then choose Use File Time. 
  • If you are going to Calculate the time based on Mediroutes setting for an Appointment trip, then choose Calc Pickup time for Appts check box.