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How Do I Reset My Password? and How do I Verify My First Time user account?

Launch the MediRoutes desktop application or click Forgot Password on the mobile app under Username and Password section.

  • Type in your MediRoutes user name in the Email field.
  • Click on Forgot Password.


When the Forgot your password page loads:

  • Type your USERNAME in the Username field.
  • Click on Send Email Link.


  • Go to your email account that was setup for your MediRoutes account – You should have an email From: ScheduleViewer Information, Subject: MediRoutes Account Password Reset.
  • Open the email, and click on the link and follow the instructions. 
  • Password need to be at least 8 characters, have at least 1 Capital letter, one number, and one special character (!@#$%) as an example. 

For first time user set up Password or Verify link expiring issues

If you got an email to set up your Password for a new User account, you will need to VERIFY your user account first by clicking the Verify link on the email. and Follow the Prompts to Create you password. 

If you failed to click the Verify link in time (based on the expiration date and time listed), then YOUR COMPANY who created the user account can resend you the Verify email again. Put in the Email address, and Click Re-Verify button in the Orange Box. 

You can put in ANY VALID EMAIL address, this is used just for Forgot Password and First time set up emails ONLY. And this EMAIL field can be changed anytime by a user with Admin Access. (Username Will Never Change). If the user Verify email address is being blocked by their email service provider, or for other reasons, try sending the re-verify email to another valid email address.